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Industrial Cartridge Heater for Plastic Mold Φ6mm&8mm Length from 30px to 10000px Material:SS304;SS316,SS321,NICOLOY800 etc Insulation Material: High-purity Mgo Resistant wire element: Ni-Cr or FeCr Lead Connection Option: Crimped or Swaged leads Lead and type of connection leads, 10" Fiberglass Standard(Wire options: Teflon, silicone high temperature frber glass)

cartridge can be devided into 1) High power density (heat area surface power 10~25w/cm2) Working temperature≤450 degrees. 2) middle, low power density (heat area surface power 5~11/cm2) working temperature≤ 300 degrees Votage:12~250V (or as requirement)

High Density Construction High-quality stainless steel construction provides long-lasting protection even in the most rugged industrial environments Protected with a stainless steel sheath, their watt density can reach 50 W/cm2 and their operating temperature can go up to 800°C

Product Features The main characteristic are safety performance and constant temperature. PTC heating is a new kind heater in the market .It is fixied by a pair of metal electrodes with leads on both sides of PTC element.Ours copper imported from Japan. Harnesses are made of Teflon materials weaving wire, terminals installed firmly, to ensure that the wiring harness in good condition . Technical Detail Operating temperature range ºC : 50 ~ 300 ºC Rated voltage: 1 ~ 600v Surface temperature ºC: 45 ~ 300 Surface temperature tolerance ºC: ±5 Normal temperature resistance: Ω0.5~9000 Working lifespan: 50,000hrs product advantages 1.PTC heater cost savings, long life. 2.PTC heater safety, environmental protection. Design of the heating temperature of the heater body at 260 degrees Celsius, under any circumstances use will not produce "red", "burning" phenomenon, which cause burns, fire and other safety hazards. 3.PTC ceramic heaters save energy. ptc heater and conventional heaters in the case of the same power, their power consumption is the same, but because of ptc electric energy into heat energy efficient than traditional heaters, the heat generated by the more, whereas in the production of heat under the same circumstances, the conventional heater energy consumption to be more than the power consumed by the PTC heater, PTC ceramic heater is saving energy. 4. When the power stable, it will give out the constant temperature continuous Keep steady power,It can control the temperature by itself,Used in large range of voltage from 12V to 380V,Dimension is nimble various. Applications PTCheating element are widely used for air conditioning, air curtain, ptc heaters, dryers, hand dryer, drying room equipment, large industrial air duct heating, electric locomotives warm, heating control cabinet, moisture, and other fields.

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