China dead-front arresters

Xi'an Tiangong Electric Co., Ltd. (TGE) is a leading high-performance metal oxide varistor manufacturer, TGE was founded in September 2002, the product series of metal oxide varistor can meet the requirements of arresters which cover all voltage level in high voltage power transmission and distribution system. TGE is one of the most professional MOV manufacturers in domestic, who can produce the highest voltage level MOVs cover the most complete specification. Products performances have achieved leading level in domestic, and advanced level in international. TGE has always been committed to R&D and production of metal oxide varistor, after more than 15 years of investment in infrastructure, equipment and technological innovation, TGE has independent intellectual property rights in formula of high performance of metal oxide varistor, production technology and patents, with an annual output of 2500 tons of metal oxide varistor production capacity. TGE’s three series of products including high performance MOV, DC MOV and high gradient MOV have been widely used in Chinese110-1100 kV AC system and +800 DC transmission and distribution system, electrified railway and rail transportation and other fields. The products with excellent performance and quality have been exported to the United States, Germany, Russia, Poland, South Korea, Taiwan and other countries, including MPS, SIEMENS and other company. And export sales accounted for more than 50% of the total sales. TGE attaches importance to building management systems, and it has been passed ISO9001 international quality management system standard in 2008, and has completed the construction of safe production of three level management system in 2015. The company has repeatedly commitment to national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects. It was assessed as Shaanxi Province Private Technology Enterprises and High-Tech Enterprises by Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department. In 2012 registered trademark "TGE" was named the Xi'an famous international brands; in 2015 "TGE" zinc oxide varistor has been selected as Xi'an famous products by the Xi’an famous brand strategy committee. In 2017 we updated our ISO9001(2015). TGE all employees will uphold the quality, brand, innovation and trust of product sales philosophy, adhere to the quality and technical innovation to provide services and create value for customers, and will strive to make TGE and its products become well-known domestic and international enterprises.China dead-front arresters website: website2: