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  • Mobililty in Barcelona

    This databaset provides information on mobility in the city of Barcelona
  • La Rioja (Spain)

    La Rioja is an autonomous community and a province in Spain, located in the north of the Iberian Peninsula. Its capital is Logroño. Here are some DataSet related to this region...
  • Cádiz (Spain)

    Cádiz is a province in Andalucía, located in the south of Spain. Here are some DataSet related to this province of Spain.
  • Bruxelles (Belgique)

    This DataSet offers you information about the city of Brussels. If you are planning visiting Belgium, you might find here some interesting data.
  • Discover Paris (France)

    This DataSet is related to information token from Paris, it could be used if you're planning on visiting Paris or just if you're courious about "La ville de l'amour".
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