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TWH-10CT Battery Internal Resistance &Conductivity Tester At present, domestic maintenance of VRLA batteries is generally to check the float voltage of the battery. Practice has proved that there is no correlation between voltage and capacity because voltage only reflects the surface index of batteries. Internationally, internal resistance testing has been widely used in the routine maintenance of batteries to replace the previous voltage inspection method. Since the internal resistance reflects the internal parameter of the battery, the internal resistance of the battery has been recognized as an important parameter for accurate and quick determining the health of the battery. The conclusion about internal resistance and capacity is when the internal resistance of the battery is greater than 25% of the initial value (base value), the battery will not pass the capacity test. When the internal resistance of the battery is greater than twice the initial value (base value), the capacity of the battery will be less than 80% of its rated capacity. The “TWH-10CT Battery Internal Resistance and Conductivity Tester” is a digital multi-function storage-type portable test meter that quickly and accurately measures battery operating status parameter. The meter can display and record important battery parameter such as battery voltage, internal resistance and connecting strip resistance, so that it can accurately and effectively judge the battery quality through online test. And it can be combined with computer and dedicated battery data analysis software to form an intelligent test device to further track the attenuation trend of the battery and make an alert in advance, thus, engineering technical and management personnel can handle it properly. Main Feature High-precision online testing, fully automatic measurement range conversion, and large-capacity data storage. 1、Conductance test automatically converts within the measurement range of 100S-19990S. 2、The tester automatically converts the measurement range from 0.000mΩ to 99.999mΩ. 3、Permanent storage 999 sets of batteries and parameters (Maximum 500 batteries per group) 4、Permanent storage 200 sets of battery settings parameters. Battery capacity test range: 65AH-3000AH. Menu operation, 320240 LCD display. Test data is permanently stored on the PC through the SD card in order to realize the "medical record" tracking analysis of the battery. Powerful data management capabilities allow the meter to be used separately from the computer. Enhanced over-voltage protection enables meter operation safer and more reliable. Self-recovery over-current protection makes the meter more convenient to use.
The latest SOC chip simplifies the circuit and improves the reliability of the meter. Two sets of power supply of large capacity lithium battery and adapter provides convenient use. Smart tips of lower battery voltage ensure test accuracy. Small size and light weight. Automatic test mode for user measurement. Perfect PC test data analysis management software. 1、Automatic analysis determines the "degraded" battery. 2、Forming a history database describes the battery status curve. 3、Comparative analysis of the same battery. 4、Battery rating management. Function 1、Online measurement of battery voltage, internal resistance and other parameter. 2、Battery conductance and voltage over-limit alarm. 3、Battery parameters are all named by group number to facilitate data management. 4、Powerful computer battery intelligent analysis software realizes the "medical record" tracking analysis of the battery. Specification FeatureParameter ModelTWH-10CT Voltage Test Range0.000-25.000V Voltage Resolution0.001V Voltage Test Accuracy10mv Conductivity Test Range100-19999S Conductivity Resolution1S Conductivity Test Accuracy±2% Internal Resistance Test Range0.000mΩ-99.999mΩ Internal Resistance Resolution1Υω Internal Resistance Test Accuracy±0.5%Rdg ±6dgt Battery Test Capacity65-3000AH Data Storage999 Groups ( 500 Batteries Per Group) Display320240LCD Power Supply10.8V,1900Mah,Li-On Rechargeable Over Voltage Protection500V DC Working Environment-5℃~60℃,10%~90%RH Storage Condition-20℃~70℃ Package And Storage Dimension28010583mm Weight1.5kg Type Of CarryHandheldUnderground Fiber Cable Locator manufacturers website:http://www.catvwh.com/underground-fiber-cable-locator/

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