3 ways to Australian citizenship

Living in a country like Australia will pave a golden path for anyone. To live in the country as citizens will be even more advantageous to those who are already planned to settle in the country.

Let us see the three ways in which one can attain the citizenship of Australia.

One can attain citizenship to Australia:

  1. By residency
  2. By birth
  3. By descent

  4. By residency:

The most popular means of attaining citizenship, by foreign people is by permanent residency. Let’s see the documentation requirements, eligibility criteria, etc. to become a citizen.

Documents to get citizenship by residency:

a. You need to provide a photo identity document like a driving license or passport.

b. Birth certificate

c. Passport-sized photo (with specified requirements)

d. Residency proof documents. You need to procure documents that show the number of years you have been staying in Australia and what you have been doing in that time. Proofs like employment documents can serve this purpose.

e. Additional documents that need to be provided accordingly.

Eligibility criteria to get citizenship by residency:

a. You should not have any criminal record and need to prove that you have good character

b. You should be above 18 years

c. You should be planning to settle in Australia permanently or should be willing to maintain close relationships in the country

d. You must be living in Australia for four years before the date you start your application for citizenship e. You should not have been away from the country for more than a year in these 4 years

f. You need to be a permanent residency visa for the last 12 months

g. You need to have good insight into your responsibilities as an Australian citizen.

h. You need to pass the citizenship test of Australia, which will test your understanding of the country’s history and society. It will also check your language proficiency.

The citizenship test of Australia:

If you meet all the eligibility criteria, then you can apply for Australian citizenship, and you will be asked to take a citizenship test. In this test, your knowledge regarding the country’s integrity, history, and commitment to Australia will be tested. You will also be tested for your English proficiency.

The Australian Department of Home Affairs will provide mock tests and practice material for the citizenship test. Using these, you can easily crack the examination.

Citizenship Ceremony of Australia:

After you get your Australian citizenship, you will be given the date of your ceremony of citizenship in Australia. Dates may differ, but generally, the ceremony will be arranged within 6 months of attaining citizenship.

You will be given a chance to invite friends and family to this ceremony. You will pledge as an Australian citizen amidst all of them. In this pledge, you will accept the responsibilities of being an Australian citizen and the benefits you get as a citizen.

After getting the citizenship certificate in the ceremony, you can apply for an Australian passport. You also need to sign up in the electoral roll. Australia has a mandatory voting policy, and you need to vote for the government representatives after you become a citizen.

Benefits of attaining citizenship in Australia:

The following are the benefits of getting Australian citizenship:

a. If you have the citizenship of Australia, you can apply for Australian passport and travel to and from Australia as you wish

b. You can get your children Australian citizenship easily as they can get it under “citizenship by descent.” c. If you need any help in other countries, then you can get it from the Australian embassy there.

d. You can complete in the elections to the parliament

e. You can vote in the Australian elections for various posts of the government

f. You can apply for jobs in the Australian Defense Force or Australian Public Service Sector.

g. You can get financial assistance in education in the form of lower student fees, education loans like HECS-HELP, which enables you to repay the loan after you start earning. This is reserved only for Australian citizens.

  1. By birth:

People can be termed as Australian citizens if they are born in Australia between January 26, 1949, and August 20, 1986. People who are born after this cannot claim citizenship directly. They are not citizens of Australia if they are born to diplomats of foreign countries or temporary residents of Australia. They need to get a separate visa to live in the country.

  1. By descent:

If the mother or father of a kid, born in Australia, is a citizen of Australia, then the kid is termed as an Australian citizen by descent.

These are the pathways of getting Australian citizenship, and various permanent residency programs play essential roles in helping foreign people to become citizens of Australia.

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